Either you are right or he is.

He kept it secret that he had bought a bicycle for his son.

Give him a hand.

I'll cooperate.

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The strings are tied together.

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Pratt sat down next to Cristina on the sandy beach.

Did you do your homework by yourself?

Where did you suspect them?


Buenos Aires is the city they visit the most.

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He was out of breath.

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I don't really know very much about you.

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He visits us now and then.

There's too much sport on TV.

Temperatures at the North Pole have hit a record high.


I've been practicing my guitar.

She has a pretty doll.

He appears to be strong and healthy.

Don't leave me alone.

Tell Tarmi I want my belongings returned to me immediately.

I couldn't anticipate that that would happen.

Come to my house whenever you like.

That's huge.

We often eat together.


I'll pick Allan up.

He has the habit of reading the newspaper during meals.

I want you to take my share.

The Olympics are starting today. What are you feeling?

Tareq is upstairs packing.


He is arriving shortly.


He had a lot to study for the test.


There are many factors.


Knute looked up and saw Jeanne standing there.


What did you just tell her?

Does your mom know where you were last night?

She was named after her grandmother.

Tell him to stop worrying.

Dan had been sleepwalking.


It's time for a coffee break.

Jochen is skittish.

A child should honor and respect his parents at every age.

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Nowadays the young take no care of the old.

I'm really good at figuring out these kinds of problems.

I told them to contact us if they needed help.

This one's good, but that one's better.

A year has passed since he came here.

I want to be Chateaubriand or nothing.

These ungrammatical sentences resulted from the application of the additional rule F.


Don't tell my girlfriend.

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He is a hen-pecked husband.

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Hubert didn't know what time he needed to show up.

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You just need to relax.

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We have cut back production by 20%.

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Do you believe that women have a sixth sense?


What do you think about these poems?

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

I have no complaints.

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You should try to live within your means.

Dial 110 at once.

Jerald decided not to buy the car he was looking at yesterday.

I don't ever want to talk about it.

Beautiful girls dream of him.


Tandy ditched the murder weapon.

He went running by me.

I'm much better now.


What did you write?


His selfishness was such that nobody liked him.

If we all pull together we should be able to get the country out of the mess it's in.

I'm delighted about the weather.

I'm sorry I told them anything at all.

Vidhyanath knew that he wouldn't be able to finish the report by 2:30.

We know you're Knut's friend.

Some non-native speakers think they speak the language better than native speakers.

I took part in the sporting event.

Your words provoked his anger.

Wait until I look this manuscript over.

The lid of this box won't lift.

He is here!

King size beds are really big.

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And so you've finally come back to Russia.

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They were frightened.

How can you afford another suit?

Do your best and don't worry.

I have to get to class.

In what hotel do you intend to stay?

I'm sure Herman is doing all he can.

These products are of the same quality.


I heard Anatoly was in Boston.

Stacy was Ti's only son.

Becky is relentless.


Where did they come from?

I wonder what has happened to her.

We've got to talk seriously.

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After all my objections, she left home.

She hung the washing on the line.

I don't want to humiliate Matti.

Your shoes are here.

There must be a way.


Were you tactful?

Nothing's wrong with me.

Is there something in particular that you want to learn?

Tell me about your fight with Micheal.

Judge told Donn that she looked beautiful.

Let me check the system here.

We need to rest soon.

What color are your wife's eyes?

Where did you sign them?

I thought you recognized them.

This tape recorder wants repairing.

Eighteenth century, unless it's a forgery.

Your health is very important to me. Why don't you go to the doctor?

Jan swam for two hours this afternoon.

You sound disappointed.

Have you been watching me?

Charles decided to dress as Pikachu for Halloween.


It was really good to see you.

You have no legal right to seize my property.

Isabelle pretended not to notice.

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She passed away yesterday afternoon.

Are you going to talk to him?

That happened three days ago.

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I want to be alone for a while.

We'll catch up to you.

Multinational corporations outperform traditional corporations operating in just one country.

I'm not expecting special treatment.

Steven refused to leave.

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Neil Armstrong was a test pilot when he was chosen to be an astronaut.

It's accurate.

Who's that cute girl I saw you with at the mall?

Sumitro is happy as a flea.

We tried to catch Patrice.

I am very tired.

There are several flowers. One is red, another is white, and the others are yellow.

Let's get this party started.

The library obtained many new books.

The poet gave the girl a rose.

Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.

Ram is a referee.

Rhonda ought to have studied harder.


We both looked at them.

Go away from the window.

I've always wanted to meet you, but not, of course, under these circumstances.

How did your date with her go?

I told Jamie he didn't have to talk so loudly.

Kevyn and I don't share the same values.

I wouldn't be in this situation if I had been more careful.

Because families in Shanghai today have only one son or daughter, the head of the family places a strong emphasis on their childs studying.

I don't believe they understood.

The policewoman directed traffic.

The bodies were found decapitated and with the skin flayed.


Whether he comes or not, we'll begin the party on time.

This is the picture I took in my house.

I am not in the least afraid of dogs.

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I really don't want the kids left alone now.

And if the vacuum explodes, it is called a black hole.

Decide what time you wish to stay up in the morning.


We want what we want.

Judge's phone can take pictures.

My dad gave up alcohol.

They have little chance to practice it.

Louie likes fish.